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Connect to the natural world and evoke feelings of comfort, freedom and tranquility with five unique essential oil blends, inspired by some of life's simple pleasures.

Listen To Nature Blends Kit

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  • Listen to nature and allow these five beautiful essential oil blends to awaken your awareness and innate connection to the natural world. 

    • Bask In The Sunshine blend
    Feel the joyful vitality of the sunshine gladden your heart with pure essential oils of mandarin, sweet orange, pink grapefruit, bergamot, may chang, petitgrain and ginger.

    • Gaze At The Moon blend
    Allow yourself to feel pensive and reflective with pure essential oils of lavender, petitgrain, myrtle, clary sage, lemon, rosemary and Atlas cedarwood.

    • Listen To The Rain blend
    Soothe your restless soul and find tranquility with pure essential oils of lavender, grapefruit, vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli and Australian sandalwood.

    • Watch The Clouds Float By blend
    Surrender and allow your mind to drift away into a dreamy landscape with pure essential oils of grapefruit, petitgrain, lemon, geranium, rosemary, Atlas cedarwood, frankincense, spearmint and fragonia.

    • Walk In The Forest blend
    Feel invigorated and awake with pure essential oils of lemon, bergamot, lavender, sage, Siberian fir, rosemary, Virginian cedarwood, geranium and sweet orange.

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