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What is Barre?

Updated: Feb 27

Barre is a popular, dance-inspired fitness class that combines three different modalities of movement: Classical Ballet, Pilates and Yoga exercises. Although it is high intensity and set to uptempo music, it is a low-impact form of working out, so an excellent option for a variety of different fitness levels and abilities. Read below, to find out why Barre could be your next favourite fitness class and workout in Orewa, Auckland.

1. Barre class is for everyone.

Anyone can take a barre class. This low-impact, all-inclusive workout is for women and men of any age and fitness level. From those just getting into or back into exercise, to hardcore athletes, to expectant mothers, Barre’s signature isometric strength and full-range flexibility movements benefit all who desire a joint-friendly and well-rounded workout.

2. Barre is growing

You don’t need an Instagram account to know that barre studios are popping up everywhere. Statistics show Barre has grown 141% since 2013, and approximately a third of fitness centres have integrated barre classes into their programming. According to USA Today, Pure Barre alone has grown just over 100% in the last five years and operates over 500 locations worldwide.

3. Barre will do amazing things for your body.

Ask a studio of barre stars what they love most about barre workouts, and without hesitating, they will tell you that Barre has improved their flexibility, muscle definition and strength. They may also admit that they feel taller (in Barre, it’s all about lifting and lengthening the spine) and have better posture.

As a bonus, not only will Barre’s signature micromovements tone and sculpt your muscles, but they will also help burn fat and give you a killer core. Barre’s unique fusion of full-body exercises, which focus on balance and control, will sculpt your mid-section more safely and gently than those crunch-heavy workouts.

4. Barre enthusiasts don’t plateau

Since Barre is a one-size-fits-all workout, it can be easily modified or intensified. Simply dropping an inch lower, coming up an inch higher in your plié or making your movements bigger or smaller will significantly improve your results.

Incorporating props such as balls, weights, resistance loops or sliders into the workout adds variety while increasing your strength and flexibility. And after you’ve mastered your form and become familiar with the coveted “shake,” increasing the tempo of a sequence will boost your heart rate and your endurance.

5. Barre requires no dance training.

You don’t need years of dance training (or any dance experience at all) to participate in a barre class. Barre fitness classes are not dance classes but dance-inspired workouts, which incorporate warm-ups, positions and stretches from traditional ballet classes. You will learn how to execute a relevé and plié properly and perform positions such as first, second and fourth, but you won’t be asked to pirouette your way across the room or dance en pointe. One of Barre’s unique features is that you get all of the feels (French vocabulary included) of being a graceful ballet dancer without actually having to dance.

6. Barre is one of the most efficient workouts around.

Long gone are the days of sweating it out for hours in the gym. In just 60-minutes (or less), a barre workout will help improve your posture, balance and coordination; sculpt and tone your muscles; increase your flexibility, burn calories and strengthen your mind-body connection.

The combination of a well-trained barre instructor and a strategically-choreographed class will give you an effective workout that will keep your metabolism revved and your energy level up long after you leave the Barre.

7. Barre is fun

It’s no surprise that barre classes and studios are worldwide sautéing (a ballet term for jump). They are highly effective at increasing our strength and stamina, as well as those all-important neuromuscular connections, and they are also enjoyable!

The workout is your judgement-free zone, and a chance to tap into your inner dancer for an hour is why Barre enthusiasts say they keep returning to their studios Barre class day after day (which, by the way, is safe to do!).

Want to give it a try?

Book in for a barre class at Yoga House, Orewa, to experience all that Barre has to offer!

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