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Spring Time Inspiration

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spring embodies the Wood element, symbolizing renewal and growth! To help harmonise with this season try these health suggestions from Acupuncturist, Ange Gervan:

Follow these suggestions below to help support and inspire your spring season.

1. Fresh Greens: Incorporate leafy greens each day to nourish your Liver, the organ represented by the Wood element in TCM. This supports detoxification and smooth energy flow this season.

2. Mindful movement: Yoga, Qi Gong, walking in nature all enhance flexibility and balance, aligning with the Wood element’s adaptability. And while out in nature, notice the greenery and look far to stretch your eyes (the health of the Liver is represented by the eyes).

3. Embrace creativity: The Wood element has a desire for growth and expression – express yourself through music or creative craft.

4. Emotional Balance: The heightened amount of Wind in Spring and the new seasons energy in general can stir up emotions – meditation daily can help maintain equilibrium. Try a meditation of 2 minutes a side in Tree pose each day thinking of your highest intention for yourself – Spring is a great time for setting new intentions in life, the seasons natural rhythm will help see you through!

5. Herbal Support: Check your garden for dandelion root which grows in abundance in Spring – made into a tea, it has a wonderful effect of detoxifying the Liver. Ginger tea warms the body which is wonderful to aid of the last of winter colds and drive out Wind in the body which is hard to avoid in Spring.

6. A scarf! Just as your grandmother may have said and as goes an old Chinese proverb: chun wu qiu dong or “bundle up in the spring and stay cool in autumn.” Covering the back of your neck can help avoid Wind invasion (In TCM we talk of the concept of Wind as a pathogen in the body, Wind from the exterior can cause chills and fevers common in the late winter, early Spring.

By following these concepts, you can nurture your well-being and be in harmony with Spring.

Spring Day Retreat at Yoga House Learn more at our Spring Day retreat where we will embrace creatvity through Yoga, soap making, balance our souls with time in nature and with movement practices and be inspired by guest teacher, Ange Gervan, offering Qi Gong, TCM health care advice and a mini experience of acupuncture.


Easy home made Ginger tea


3-5 slices of fresh ginger (adapt to your desired strength)

Boiling water



At night, place 3-5 slices of fresh ginger into a flask then fill the flask with boiling water.

By the morning the temperature will be just right and the ginger will have seeped to a strong flavour. Sip slowly to warm your body.

Ginger tea is a great morning tea between 6.30-9.30am as it stiumates digestion and gets your Qi moving for the day.

Ginger is particulary good in the Spring time to keep your immune system strong by expelling Wind in the body (TCM concept to describe chills, colds, fevers) especially when the last of winter cold is lurking about!

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