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Nice to meet you.

Meet Ange Gervan, Ange is an acupuncturist and yoga practitioner with over 15+ years of experience. She completed her Yoga teacher training in Canada and has since assisted Donna Farhi with her overseas and NZ yoga teacher trainings. Ange has taught Yoga in Japan, Beijing, and Vancouver, and has contributed to Yin Yoga teacher trainings offshore. She has also facilitated restorative yoga programs on Dr. Libby's Beautiful You retreats from 2014-2016 in NZ and Australia. With her Health Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, along with her diploma in Qi Gong, Ange effectively imparts the benefits of Eastern medicine and inspires easy application to daily life. She supervises a women's health student acupuncture clinic and shares her holistic health knowledge while practicing yoga with her vibrant three young daughters.

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